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Let the IGD Experts Help with Your Commercial Sewer Line Repair

Let the IGD Experts Help with Your Commercial Sewer Line Repair

Those in the Houston, Texas, area who own commercial property know the excruciating amount of maintenance it takes to keep a well-run property. One of the maintenance tasks that may not be at the top of your list may be a sewer line repair. It’s essential to find a reliable company that can help when the need arises for a repair, but who can you trust with the property you’ve invested both time and money into? At IGD, we provide commercial property owners with quality services. Here’s why you should choose our experts the next time you encounter a sewer line disaster:

  • Upgrade the Sewer Line

Age can have a serious impact on the condition of your properties’ sewer lines. By giving us a call, our technicians can alert you to problems caused by wear and tear. Older drain lines may need more extensive work, and sometimes need to be replaced altogether. This isn’t a task to DIY if you want to protect your investment – you’ll need to contact a professional to alert you about problems caused by old sewer lines.

  • Cleaning Sewer Lines

With the amount of people using your property, the sewer lines can easily become clogged. Hair, grease, toilet paper can all accumulate in your sewer lines, causing issues that you simply don’t have time to deal with. One call to our technicians is all it takes. We can help remove the gunky buildup and make any repairs to cracks or damage that may have been caused by this buildup.

  • Video Inspection of Sewer Line

We offer commercial property owners the most cutting-edge way to view obstruction and issues within the sewer line. Our video inspection allows us to catch any hidden issues, so you can be assured the root of the problem is fixed. Once we pinpoint the issue on camera, we are able to seamlessly repair the crack or easily remove the obstruction that could be causing the issue.

Finding the right company to help with a sewer line repair can be an immense help when disaster strikes your commercial property. We’re here to help protect your investment by providing plumbing services for your commercial property. Call us at (832) 701-8666 or visit us at https://www.igdplumbing.com/contact-us/.

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