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Is it Time to Repipe Your Home? Be on the Lookout for These Signs

Is it Time to Repipe Your Home? Be on the Lookout for These Signs

Though they aren’t always at the top of your mind when you think of your home, your water pipes play an essential role in your household. They transport the water you drink and use for everyday activities, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Over time, your galvanized pipes become worn out due to sediment build up from the poor quality of the city water, which causes them to rust and corrode. Eventually, the corrosion in your pipes can lead to pipes bursting and leaking through your home’s ceiling. This is one of the main signs that it is time to think about repiping your home from galvanized pipes to the new and advanced PEX pipes. At IGD Plumbing, we understand that no one wants to deal with the hassle that broken pipes can cause, so we’ve laid out some signs to help you decide when it’s time to call a professional plumber for a residential re-piping service:

  • You Notice Corrosion on Your Pipes

Corrosion can drastically weaken your pipes, which in turn, can lead to them bursting. It’s a good idea to give your pipes a visual inspection every once in a while, or setup a full home plumbing inspection with one of our friendly technicians, to ensure you catch corrosion and rust before it becomes a major problem. However, if you do begin to notice that areas of the pipe are rusted and corroded, it is a definite sign that it is time to call a professional company to re-pipe your home.

  • Your Pipes are Making Odd Noises

While your pipes may not always be silent, especially if water is running through them, there are some noises that can be a cause for concern. Loud banging or creaking noises are a definite sign of aging pipes and indicate that repiping is needed in your home. If left ignored, it could lead to an unexpected and time-consuming leak in your home.

  • Water Pressure Problems

Few things are more frustrating than turning on the shower or a sink faucet only to find a small trickle of water flowing. This is a sign that there is a problem with your water pressure, which can indicate that your home is in need of repiping. Be alert for low water pressure when you turn on the water, or while the water is running, as both instances mean that there is a definite issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Water Discoloration or a Foul Odor

The overall condition of your water can tell you a lot about the condition of your pipes. If your water looks or smells odd, it’s a good sign that there is an issue with your water pipes. Typically, water will look rusty and take on a strong, unpleasant, odor when the pipes begin to corrode. Even a slight tinge of color can alert you to problems, so be sure to keep tabs on the condition of your water each time you turn on a faucet. When it comes to taking care of your home in Houston, Texas, it is essential to keep your water pipes in mind. These signs can help alert you that it’s time to schedule a repiping service to avoid any potential issues. For residential repiping, along with many other plumbing services for your home, give IGD Plumbing a call at (832) 701-8666 or visit us at https://www.igdplumbing.com/residential-services/.

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