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Water Softeners & Water Filters

Water Softeners

Most homes in North America have hard water. It is generally safe to consume, but hard water could potentially cause issues in your home. Some of these issues are due to mineral buildups in your home’s plumbing system, which causes shortened appliances life, residue left over your dishes, and dry skin or hair.

Benefits of Water Softeners

Water softeners will increase your appliances life, heat your water faster, and will provide you with a cleaner plumbing system.

Water softener will also help with less soap residue left on your dishes and clothes.

Water softener prevents buildups in your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and any other appliances that use water. This buildup can decrease the life of these appliances, lower their efficiency over time and may even cause you to need repairs on these items. If you already have a mineral buildup in your water heater, you may need a water heater flush.

Water Filters

A water filter is used to reduce the amounts of contaminants found in tap water. Whether you drink water from your tap, or you only use it for showering, washing and cleaning, the filtration process of the water will be beneficial for your home. Many home owners choose water filters to protect themselves from as many of these contaminants as possible. A whole-house water filtration system removes the chemicals in water that you can ingest or absorb through the skin. A filtration system is simply a chemical free system which filters out heavy metals, chlorine, lead, industrial volatile chemicals and various toxins. After installing a filtration system in your home, the water from your tap becomes high-quality, better tasting, and odor-free.

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